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Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Hockey & Football Boxes Customized for All Ages & Skill Levels.  Surprise your athlete with a box of training aids, accessories, gear and other fun products.  You can subscribe  for one month, 3 months, a year or as long as you choose!  Get kids playing more by keeping the Fun in Sports!

How It Works

1. Select your Box

Pick the Sport and Appropriate Age/Skill Level box for your Athlete.

2. Choose Plan

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3. We Deliver Fun

Each month we curate and ship an awesome box of fun & training to your door!

What is Sports Box Co?

Sports Box Co. was created with one simple concept in mind; to keep Sports fun for kids so they enjoy playing.  It all started with Batter UP! Box. As a parent of 5 kids, 3 of them being young boys, my goal is that they enjoy baseball and have the desire and skills to play through high school.  Playing in college or beyond will be up to them, how much they want it and if they decide to put in the time to play at those higher levels.  At Sports Box Co. we feel that playing team sports is an important part of growing up and learning how to depend on others and  have your teammates depend on you as well.  Win or lose, you need to put it behind you; learn from it and confidently step onto the field, court or ice with your teammates and be ready to compete the next game.   Above everything else baseball, softball, basketball, hockey and all other sports are a game and kids are supposed to have fun playing those games.  So that is what we are setting out to do; Keeping Sports Fun for young athletes all over the Country.

Looking for Hockey?

We offer 3 versions of the Power Play Box so we have an option for players of all ages.  Click below to make your selections for your hockey player.

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See what our customers have to say!

"Loving my Batter UP! Box.  Keep up the awesomeness!"   

Kid Pitch Box - Antioch, CA

"They are both always excited to see what goodies are in their box each month."

Coach Pitch & Tee Ball Box - Pitt., PA

"Great Day for a Batter UP! Box. You all made his day."        

Kid Pitch Box - St. Louis, MO

Easy to order

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Monthly Delivery

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Keep Sports Fun

Kids that enjoy playing will improve faster & play longer

Let us help you reach your fundraising goals!

Sports Box Co. has a great fundraising program to help PTOs, schools, sports leagues, travel teams and any other youth organization earn money to fund projects & activities.  If you'd like to learn more about how you can earn money for your organization, email us  at [email protected]

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