Batter UP! Box

Baseball or Softball Fun & Training Delivered Monthly in a Box! Customized boxes for players of all ages & skill levels.  Keep your favorite ballplayer on top of their game and having Fun!! Get started by selecting the right box for your baseball or softball player below.

Senior League Premier Training Box

Big kids like to get new baseball stuff too!  The Senior League box is  specifically for the 13+ age group who have been playing baseball for a  while, enjoy playing and have a desire to improve.  Even with team  practices most days of the week, these players can benefit from extra  reps at home to keep them on top of their game.  Batter UP! Box will  deliver a box of training tools & tips, gear and other cool stuff to  help these advanced ballplayers further develop their game and have  some FUN doing it.

Starting at $26.99/month  

Kid Pitch Elite Training Box

 Now your child is playing real baseball, no more coaches or machines  pitching. Kids at this level (8/9 to 13 years old) need to improve their  skills with backyard play because practices & games are not enough  to gain the growth needed to compete at this level of youth baseball. If  kids feel that they aren't good enough they will find something else to  do but the Batter UP! Box will encourage them to practice; helping them  gain confidence and improve their level of play while keeping baseball  FUN!

Starting at $26.99/month  

Coach Pitch Ultimate Training Box

Your child has been playing baseball and has moved up into the next  level (6 to 8 years old).  Help them improve their skills and keep the  excitement of baseball alive year round with the Batter UP! Box. Your  child will love the fun assortment of baseball related products in each  box while also getting beneficial training drills & tips to help  them improve the level of play in the field, at the plate and on the  bases.  For these young kids it is very important to always keep  baseball FUN!

Starting at $26.99/month      

Tee Ball Box of Fun

 This box is specifically created for young kids (4 to 6 years old) who  are just starting out and learning the basics of baseball.  With their  short attention span keeping baseball fun is absolutely essential for  this age group.  The Batter UP! Box is focused on helping them learn  some basics & reinforcing the aspect of fun.  Set the groundwork  early for your little one and make sure that they enjoy playing at this  age so they want to continue as they get older.  They'll want to play  more as long as you make it FUN! 

Starting at $26.99/box  

Softball Elite Training Box

Your softball player has been playing for a few years or more and it's  getting increasingly competitive.  These kids (10 & older) need to  improve their skills with backyard play because reps at practices &  games are not enough to develop at the pace needed to compete at this  level.  When kids feel that they aren't good enough they may just find  something else to do.  Batter UP! Box will encourage kids to practice  more; helping them to improve their overall level of play while also  keeping softball FUN!

Starting at $26.99/month  

Softball Training Fun Box

This box is specifically for younger softball players (9 & under)  who are just starting out or those who have played for a couple years  and are still learning the game.   Batter UP! Box is focused on helping  kids improve their skills while reinforcing the aspect of fun.  Your  child will love the softball related products in each box while also  getting training drills & tips to help improve the level of play in  the field, at the plate and on the bases. For these young kids it is  important to always keep softball FUN!

Starting at $26.99/month    

What Batter UP! Box is All About

Batter UP! Box was created with one simple concept in mind; to keep  baseball & softball fun for kids so they enjoy playing.  Not too long ago kids played baseball all the time: catch, run  the bases, pick-up games at the park, etc.  Parents did not often have to push to get kids out and playing some ball, but these days it is a little different.  Kids often need a little prodding to get them out playing and practicing on their own.  Unfortunately, many parents push  too hard too soon and too often and kids get turned away from baseball  or softball before they're even 10.  Batter UP! Box was created to end that cycle and get more kids playing ball; having fun and getting  better.  The goal is to have more young kids playing and keep them playing longer.