Delivering Fun to Young Athletes is What We Do

The primary goal of Sports Box Co. is to keep the fun in the game.  No matter what surface your athlete plays on we want to help them get better.  The more kids enjoy sports the more time they will spend playing , practicing and just having fun!

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How it all started

 Sports Box Co. was created with one simple concept in mind; to  keep Sports fun for kids so they enjoy playing.  Not too long ago, kids  played sports all the time: catch, run the bases, knock-out, horse,   pick-up games at the park, etc.  Our parents did not often have to push us to get out and play, but these days it is a little different.  Kids  often need a little prodding to get them out playing  and practicing on  their own.  Unfortunately, many parents push too hard  too soon and too  often and kids get turned away from playing before they're even 10.  We  aim to end this cycle and get more kids playing; having fun and getting  better on the field, court or rink.  The goal is to have more young  kids playing and to keep them playing  longer.  It doesn't matter what  sport it is, the most important part of the game is to enjoy playing  it!  

In the beginning...

It all started with Batter UP! Box. As a parent of 5 kids, 3 of them being young boys, my goal is that they enjoy baseball and have the desire and skills to play through high school.  Playing in college or beyond will be up to them, how much they want it and if they decide to put in the time to play at those higher levels.  At Sports Box Co. we feel that playing team sports is an important part of growing up and learning how to depend on others and  have your teammates depend on you as well.  Win or lose, you need to put it behind you; learn from it and confidently step onto the field, court or ice with your teammates and be ready to compete the next game.   

Above everything else baseball, softball, basketball, hockey and all other sports are a game and kids are supposed to have fun playing those games.  So that is what we are setting out to do; Keeping Sports Fun for young athletes all over the Country. 

Where we are today...

We now have 5 sport boxes launched: Batter UP! Box, Hoops Box, Power Play Box, Gridiron Box and Corner Kick Box.  The goal is to have as many sports as possible so that we are delivering fun to kids of all ages across all playing surfaces.

Too many kids have been giving up on sports in recent years. We want to keep the fun in the game to get kids more excited about playing so they'll aspire to play in high school & beyond.  So many lessons can be taught while playing team sports; bouncing back from a loss, coming from behind to win, being gracious and respectful no matter the outcome and understanding what it means to be part of a TEAM. Friendships that last a lifetime often begin from playing sports. We believe all these things are important & help develop a young adult who is ready to cope with life's challenges and become a productive, compassionate & respectful member of society.

Meet our team

Coach Bob & Tim

The Voices of Batter UP! & Hoops Box

Coach Joe

The Creator of Sports Box Co.

Coach Michael

Hockey Training Guru

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