Corner Kick Box

Keep your favorite soccer player on top of their game and having fun!! Get started by selecting the right box for your player below.  Subscribe for as long as you want and you can change boxes or cancel anytime!   

City Soccer League Box

This box is customized specifically for younger players just starting to learn the game or that have been playing for a few years and are still working on their basic skills.  It is targeted at boys and girls under 10 and will contain a nice mix of products to help them improve their skills, gear, fun soccer products along with monthly training tips & drills.

Premier Soccer League Box

This box is curated for advanced players that have been playing the game for at least a few years and who plan to play (or are playing) in High School.  It is targeted for kids 10 & older and will contain training products, gear & accessories and monthly drills & tips to help them train and play their best as they move on to more intense competition.  There will also be some fun products because they're still kids at the end of the day!.